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BBBhunt 1/31 october '11
hint: what beautiful pictures!

SPhunt 20 october/20 november '11
hint: I love shoes

TDDhunt 29 october/12 november '11
hint: looking for a big sign of the store

SFFhunt 31 october/18 november '11

MUSHROOMhunt - 1/20 november '11
hint:near the roots got a lot of water to grow mushrooms

FLhunt 1/30 november '11
hint:search in the box

SLEIGHhunt - 1/30 november '11
hint:you still have to finish emptying the boxes

TDThunt2.0 - 1/30 november '11
hint:I subscribe to the group

ILChunt 1 november/1 december '11
hint:the cat is hungry

TShunt 15 november/15 december '11
hint:There was playing the cat upstairs

TJThunt 15 november/15 december '11
hint:beautiful leaves of this tree

F4BH 20 november/20 december '11

KAWAIIHunt 21 november/21 december '11
hint:but the strawberries grow on trees? O.O

STWhunt 5/31 december

STAhunt 10 december/5 january '11/'12

CHRISTMAShunt 10 december/10 january '11/'12

ZODIAChunt 15 january/15 february '12

at the end of hunting gifts will be offered for sale on the marketplace to 30L

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